Revision begins on student bobcat logo use

On Sept. 23, a task-force began discussion on clarifying university policy for use of the Bobcat logo by registered student organizations (RSOs).  Current university policy approves use of the logo by RSOs for “in house” activities which precludes club sports, which compete extramurally, from using the cathead.

Present at the meeting was Steve Erickson of Recreational Sports and Fitness and director of the newly-created club sports council, Associate Athletic Director of Marketing/Event Operations Drew Ingraham, Director of Procurement Brian O’Connor, Director of Marketing and Creative Services Julie Kipfer, Kitty Sailor of the MSU Alumni Foundation, Dean of Students Matt Caires, Vice-President of Student Success Robert Marley and ASMSU Senator Stephen Rowe. Non-present members of the task-force include Legal Counsel Leslie Taylor, Mandy St. Aubyn of Activities and Engagement and ASMSU Senator Christina Macy.

The policy developed by the task-force will be submitted to President Waded Cruzado, who is expected to pass the policy onto the University Council. Interested persons will have 30 days to comment on the policy before its approval by the University Council. Students are encouraged to voice opinions on RSOs use of the cathead to Macy at Caires also “welcomes” student input.

Another meeting of the task-force is planned with an undetermined date.