College of Agriculture hires new dean

The College of Agriculture at MSU is in a state of transition. Jeff Jacobsen has held the position of Dean of the College of Ag since 2003, but is now stepping down to return to teaching, research and outreach as a faculty member.

During his time as Dean, Jacobsen oversaw many changes to the College of Agriculture and the Agricultural Experiment Station, including:

  • The College of Agriculture’s enrollment grew by 18.5 percent. It has remained a large contributor to the university’s research reputation and has contributed significantly to the economic prosperity of the state with its steady stream of agricultural research, technologies and graduates.

  • Jacobsen oversaw the effort to match a state appropriation by raising more than half of the $15.7 million needed for the Animal Bioscience Building, which opened in 2010.

Jacobsen was known for his research and had been associated with MSU for 17 years before being hired as the Dean of the College Agriculture. He came to MSU in April 1986 as a soil scientist with the Montana Extension Service. In 1994, he was named head of the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences, a position he has held on a permanent basis since 1998.

Glenn Duff, who was the Department head of Animal and Range Science, is now the interim dean and will hold both positions until the seat can be filled. Duff has been at Montana State for three years after leaving New Mexico State, where he received his Ph.D. in animal nutrition.