Police report round-up: MSU Police ‘spring’ into action

On March 14, the owner of a vehicle parked in the Huffman Lot reported that he or she believed a cat was stuck in the vehicle’s engine.

Responding officers removed the animal. No word yet on what charges the cat may be filing against the vehicle owner.


At 10:38 p.m. on March 14, officers on patrol saw two individuals riding motorcycles near the Strand Union Building. The motorcyclists were observed violating traffic rules and were pulled over by police.

One individual received a citation for criminal trespassing while the other fled from officers. The sophomore pre-business major was caught, placed under arrest for eluding a peace officer, and transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center.

Both offenders were referred to the dean of students.


In the afternoon of March 15, a caller reported hearing loud banging noises coming from a residence in Family and Graduate Housing.

Responding officers determined that the occupants of the residence in question were “putting up a lattice.”


Shortly before 2:30 p.m. on March 18, an individual reported that someone had urinated on several books on the third floor of the Renne Library. This is the second occurrence of the semester. Currently there are no suspects.

MSU Police Chief Robert Putzke said that in his long career, “Some of the strangest things that happen on campus happen in the library.” He explained that two years ago, a female student studying in the library got up to use the restroom and left her phone on the desk at which she was working. In the short time she was away, an unknown individual took a picture of his penis and set it as the phone’s wallpaper.

It is unclear what kind of political statement the unknown offender was attempting to make.


On March 18, the MSU Bookstore reported nine students who had rented books without returning them or paying for their replacements. An officer called the individuals and left voicemails.

The students will have to pay the bookstore within 30 days of speaking to the officers. If police are unable to contact the individuals after multiple attempts or they do not pay the bookstore, they will face criminal charges.