Free lecture to discuss longevity, human lifespan

Adapted from MSU News:

Independent longevity researcher, writer and consultant Vince Giuliano will give a free public lecture on Monday, March 25.

His presentation, “Prospects that Emerging Science Offer for Longer Healthy Lifespans,” will be held in the Hager Auditorium at the Museum of the Rockies at 5:30 p.m.

Giuliano will provide an overview of the science related to aging, the relationship between health and aging and approaches that have extended the lives of laboratory animals. He will also discuss how new fields of research may lead to the extension of the human lifespan to twice the current average.

In 2008, Giuliano created the online treatise, “Anti-Aging Firewalls, the Science and Technology of Longevity,” a comprehensive review that is frequently updated to track research developments.

No word yet on the predicted average age of audience members.