A springtime hip-hop Edition

Every new season calls for new music, and right about now it’s time to break out of the whiskey-fed bluegrass and/or electronic rut of winter. Here to help are some fresh hip-hop beats courtesy of James Chase Wilcox aka JCW — it’s called the King James Edition.

Whether you call this an album, a mixtape or a beat tape, you’ll definitely call it upbeat, refreshing and worth a listen. Clocking in at just over 27 minutes, it boasts a 17-song tracklist that flows together so smoothly, it kind of sounds like one long song.

The King James Edition stands alone as an album you can listen to on repeat, but it’s easy to imagine somebody rapping over the beats, which could all be lengthened to full songs if an artist put some words to them. Wilcox says he has “no problem” with that and “a few of the beats have already been used by other people. ”He’s a producer, and that’s what producers do.

You might be familiar with some of Wilcox’s work if you’ve heard of the hip-hop artist Mod Sun — JCW produces many of his songs, including “Mentality 2 Reality,” the instrumental version of which appears on the King James Edition.

Wilcox looks up to hip-hop producers like Pete Rock, J Dilla, Kanye and Just Blaze. He says “those are the guys I still listen to all the time and really respect,” but ultimately “those old soul and mo town dudes” like Sam Cooke, Al Green and Smokey Robinson influence his work. “They’re the ones that have given me so many grooves to work with,” he says, as he mainly uses samples in his beats, “but I throw in a synth here and there if it’s needed.”

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Wilcox now lives in the more music-friendly city of Chicago, Illinois. The King James Edition is his fourth beat tape, which he says “was totally done in the spring of 2011,” and was supposed to be his third release, “but getting it all mixed and finalized was taking forever so I ended up scrapping it and not putting anything out until early 2012.”

If you Google the album title, chances are you’ll get a bunch of hits for the King James Version of the Bible. But Wilcox says the King James Edition is “actually a play on when Stone Cold Steve Austin started using Austin 3:16 in the WWF. King James Edition is my Austin 3:16.”

You can download the King James Edition and more at thejcw.bandcamp.com. Also check JCW’s Soundcloud and Tumblr. If you want to hit him up for a beat or just give him some props, you can find him on Twitter @THEJCW or email jameschasewilcox@gmail.com.