MSU satellites chosen for possible NASA flights

Adapted from MSU News:
MSU officials learned last week that two missions involving three CubeSat satellites built by MSU students could be sent into space on NASA missions as auxiliary payloads.MSU’s satellites were among 24 chosen for possible flights that could occur any time between 2014 and 2016, but rank high on the priority list.Now students must conclude a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with NASA and prepare the satellites for launch. MSU students have been building satellites since 2001 and MSU’s Hiscock Radiation Belt Exploration (HRBE) was launched by NASA in October 2011.Still orbiting earth, HRBE sends information every day to students who communicate with it from a room in Cobleigh Hall. No word on whether students share the Monday Morning Memo with the satellite.

Approximately 500 students have worked on MSU’s satellites and come from engineering and physics, among other disciplines.