Introducing Mountain Solitaire

Welcome to Mountain Solitaire, my blog for the Montana State Exponent. As we’ve worked to upgrade our online presence over the past couple years, we’ve come to realize the potential value that lies in blogging.

With Mountain Solitaire, I hope to add to my regular opinion commentary by tackling topics that I wish I had the space to cover in the print edition. Since we publish only weekly, my goal is also to update this blog essentially in real time as the issues about which I’m writing arise. Finally, I also view this blog as an excellent way to post supplementary material — columns from other writers, graphs and charts, and source material — in addition to following up on topics I discuss either in print or in other blog posts.

My hope is that this blog also allows for an effective channel for readers to provide their own commentary on my writings. If you’d like to hear more, let me know. If you disagree, let me have it!

My interests run the gamut, from public lands to civil rights, from politics to good beer, from Bozeman’s faith communities to Latin America. But the unifying thread in this blog will be viewing all of those through the lens of the Montana ethic and exploring the importance of each issue for our state and our citizens.

The title, by the by, is a riff on Edward Abbey’s famous autobiographical novel “Desert Solitaire” with a bit of Montana flair. Thanks for reading.