MSU physics professor receives major honor

Physics professor Anton Vorontsov was recently named a 2013 Cottrell Scholar by the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement (RCSA).

Vorontsov received the honor — which is held by only 260 educators in the U.S. — based on his “innovative research” and “passion for teaching,” according to RCSA Interim President Jack Pladziewicz in an RCSA statement.

Vorontsov was also recognized for his plan to create a new undergraduate course that will mix physics, mathematics and exciting scientific demonstrations. The class will allow students to “re-learn” science at a new level and develop unique skills by combining different branches of physics and math.

In addition, Vorontsov has conducted groundbreaking research on superconductivity and magnetism, and is developing a theory to describe how these states coexist.

“Not every faculty member in a research university can do both groundbreaking research and lead teaching improvement,” Pladziewicz said, “but the very best can.”

The Cottrell Scholar program accepts teachers and scholars of science who are rising stars in their field. About 10 percent of those who apply to the program are successful.