Murdock and Haskell move on to compete in ASMSU general election

The results for today’s primary election for student body president and vice-president have been released by ASMSU Elections, with two candidate pairs moving into next week’s general election.

Lindsay Murdock and Lukas Smith received 369 votes.

Dillon Haskell and Stephen Rowe received 260 votes.

Andy Wilson and David McKay received 259 votes.

Teelan Durham and Keeley Coate received 250 votes.

Voter turnout amounted to 8.3 percent of the MSU student population. Out of 13,705 eligible MSU voters, 1,143 cast ballots.

Murdock and Smith and Haskell and Rowe will participate in the presidential debate this Thursday, Feb. 28 in the SUB Union Market at noon. The general election is March 5-6.

No word on Biff the Bobcat’s reaction to the primary results.

  • I wish these two candidates they will surely need it. They are only pawns of the capitalist bankers who have corrupted this great institution. Remember to vote for the people’s candidate-