“Good neighbor bags” encourage community living

Adapted from MSU News:

In an effort to promote positive, neighborly practices, volunteers with MSU’s Service Saturday project will distribute “good neighbor bags” to homes in the Michael Grove neighborhood of Bozeman on the morning of Feb. 2.

Courtesy of the MSU/Bozeman Good Neighbor Committee, the bags will contain advice on how to be a good neighbor, a calendar highlighting winter activities in Bozeman, schedules and routes for the Streamline and Skyline bus systems and information on how to become involved with city advisory boards. The bags will also contain a template for Valentine’s Day cards, which are intended to be shared with neighbors.

Bozeman has a large student population living in the residential community and, according to Neighborhood Coordinator for the City of Bozeman Allyson Brekke, “The bags are meant to give off-campus students and residents information that will help reduce negative behaviors and encourage collaboration.”

For more information on the “good neighbor bags,” contact Chelsea Schmidt, assistant director of business and community relations for MSU, at chelsea.schmidt@montana.edu or 406-994-7884.