Free parking aims to prevent hazards, fees

Adapted from MSU News:

MSU is offering free, on-campus parking from Dec.10 to Jan.11 for students who live off campus.

Interested students must register their vehicles prior to their departure, said Chelsea Schmidt, assistant director of Business and Community Relations at MSU. Free registration is available at the MSU Police Department, located near the corner of Kagy Blvd. and S. Seventh Ave. After registering their vehicles, students will receive a permit to park on campus and directions to an available parking lot.

Free parking is only available to students who are living off campus.

The free parking was initiated because cars parked on city streets may create hazards for snow plows and can be ticketed and towed, resulting in fees of $100 or more.

Schmidt said the idea came out of the Good Neighbor Committee, which includes representatives from MSU and University Police, the Bozeman Police Department and the City of Bozeman. The committee addresses community issues such as parking that may be affected by the student population in Bozeman.

Schmidt added, “The Bozeman PD came to the Good Neighbor Committee with an issue, and we worked together with University Police to find a solution.”

Students who would like to learn more are invited to call University Police at (406) 994-2121.