And the Greenie goes to…

The second annual Greenie Awards took place on Tuesday, Nov. 27 in the Alumni Lounge of the SUB. Hosted by student body president and former Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations (NECO) president Kiah Abbey, the Greenie Awards recognized students, faculty and staff that have shown initiative in sustainability efforts on campus and in the community.

NECO President Sam Atkins explained that many people from all over campus contribute to sustainability. The Greenie Awards brought these individuals together to acknowledge their efforts and give them an opportunity to circulate ideas.

Faculty and staff awards included “best faculty and staff project,” “incorporating sustainability in the curriculum,” “behind the scenes advocate,” “people’s choice,” the “waste award,” and the “lifetime achievement award.” Student awards recognized “student research,”
“student organizer and leader,” and “incoming student leader.”

Winners included David Kraft, Paul Gannon, Martha Joh Reeder-Kearns, Christian Black, Shay Halverson, E.J. Hook, Cliff Montagne, Lizz Redman, Blake Bjornson and David Fast.

This year, the Greenies gave special thanks to the individuals who stepped up during the transitional period when the Sustainability Center was without a director. The Sustainability Center will soon become the Office of Sustainability, and the hiring committee is in the final stages of hiring a new director and has already hired a new recycling director.

Many of the award recipients were crucial during the absence of the director and continue to help MSU meet its sustainability goals for the future.

A full list of 2012 Greenie Awards recipients will be posted on