Locker shortage results in theft

The Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center has experienced a rise in petty theft this semester. The staff at the center is working toward a solution and “warn[s] people that their belongings are not safe if they’re not locked up,” said Jeff Hix, assistant director of Recreational Sports and Fitness.

With an increase in enrollment over the last few years, it is normal for student gym lockers to sell out quickly. Fitness center administration is trying to address the sell-out rate by building more lockers, but there is currently no funding for such a project, despite staff efforts.

If students without lockers wish to keep their belongings safe while at the fitness center, day-use lockers are available for 50 cents per day.

Students who have their belongings stolen in the fitness center can report the thefts to (406)994-5000. “We don’t want it to sound like this is a bad place to come,” Hix said.