Locker lottery: Student organizations get temporary storage

After months of being without, MSU student organizations have on-campus storage space available to them.

Student organizations now have access to 30 small lockers that were installed in the third floor stairwell landings of the SUB in mid-October.

The lockers were purchased for student organization storage space by SUB Director Butch Damberger and ASMSU. The ASMSU Senate voted to finance the lockers at their meeting last week with a 14-1 vote of affirmation. Senator Simone Scafide said the lockers were an appropriate use of the ASMSU budget, adding, “Our fees should go to support students and student organizations.”

The lockers were allocated to clubs through a lottery system. However, only 19 clubs entered the lottery and all were given a locker. The Office of Activities and Engagement hopes the remaining lockers will be filled by the end of the semester.

Many student organizations have been without on-campus storage space since August, when lockers that had been located in Culbertson Hall were eliminated. Before being moved to Culbertson, the lockers had been located in the SUB — first in the basement and later in another location on the third floor. Those lockers were sold from the SUB to the rec center.

Blake Lerner, President of MSU Circle K, a volunteer organization, had been using the back of his car to store his club’s materials due to the lack of on-campus space. Lerner, who had previously expressed frustration about storage issues, said, “It is nice to have my car’s trunk back, and the new lockers’ locations are really convenient.”

Lerner said he was pleased with the lottery process, which seemed like “the most fair way to allocate the lockers.”

While the lockers are immediately available for club use, according to the Office of Activities and Engagement, they remain a temporary solution. Mandy St. Aubyn, campus engagement program manager, explained that the office will “continue to work on a long-term plan for securing a more permanent situation.”