Bozeman Democrats celebrate election night victories

Local Democrats gathered in downtown Bozeman’s Baxter Ballroom on election night to cheer on their political candidates. The room was filled with energy and emotion as people stood up to cheer when a Democratic candidate was projected to win his or her race or Obama was predicted to win an important state.

With over 100 people in attendance and a full table of food, the party welcomed President Obama’s re-election with a bang.

Scott Young, a librarian at MSU, was positive about the outcome of the election. “[Watch parties] help engage the community in the election results,” he said. While Young attended the Democratic watch party to see these results, he considers himself more of a progressive voter than a Democrat.

Also attending were leaders and members of MSU Students for Obama. Neighborhood Team Leader Paul Jordan said the group took a “top-down approach” to supporting candidates, focusing most of their resources on Obama’s re-election but also helping Montana Democrats such as Jon Tester.

Troy Duker, president of MSU Students for Obama, commended the president for much of what he did in his last term and what Duker hopes he will accomplish with his second four years. “[For me], as a gay person, Obama holds my future in his hands, to an extent,” Duker said.

Obama will get another four years in the White House, but even with the end of election season, Jordan and Duker are both optimistic about continuing to foster political activism among youth.