Procrastinator seeks student votes

Last week, an email was sent to the student body that included instructions on how to vote for the Procrastinator Theatre’s end-of-semester film. The film choices were previously proposed to be included in the same ballot as ASMSU senate elections, but the senate voted against that proposal.

ASMSU President Kiah Abbey supported the idea of putting the film on the ballot, thinking it would encourage more people to vote. The senate, however, “thought a student film wasn’t serious enough,” Abbey said.

Abbey has been involved with the Procrastinator since the end-of-year pornographic film was cancelled last spring. After the cancellation of “Deep Throat,” she promised that forums for discussion would take place in the fall.

In reference to these forums, Abbey said, “We are still working on a way to format those.” She said she was looking for a method that would make everyone happy.

The decision to show a student-chosen film at the end of the semester was made by the director of the Procrastinator, Chantell Bury, who came up with the idea in order to make students more involved with the theatre.

Typically, Bury chooses the films for the Procrastinator based on called-in and emailed requests. For example, one individual requested “The Master,” a film that was not scheduled to play in Bozeman. The film will now play at the Procrastinator in the spring.

To find instructions for voting for the end-of-semester film, students can search for the “Bobcat Buzz” email in their MSU accounts. The film choices are “Premium Rush,” “The Campaign” and “Bully.” The choices are intended to represent an action movie, a comedy and a documentary, respectively. Voting ends tomorrow.

“By doing the student-chosen film, I hope to bring more people to the Procrastinator with films they’d like to see,” Bury said.