Opera Run serenades, inspires

Racers start the 5k race of Opera Run. Photo by Brandon Kowalski.

Roughly one hundred runners competed in the Opera  Bozeman Run last weekend despite temperatures in the low 20s. Kids ran a mile at 8 a.m., and many wore Viking hats distributed upon early registration. Opera singers braved the cold with portable stereos to play music while they sang.

“With 11 different aid stations along the course with 11 opera singers serenading the whole time, the mood was always light and fun,” said David Summerfield, an Opera run coordinator. “Hopefully, the community will grow in its appreciation for the operas that do come to town.”

There were 36 runners for the 10-mile run while the 5k run had 22 males and 51 females competing. During the 5k run the park was busiest and the Opera sounded best. The strength and beauty of the singers’ voices motivated runners to keep going.

Scheduled a week before the fall opera opening day, the Opera Run was “meant to raise awareness and to prove that opera is fun and not what you expect,” Peggy Kohler, the event’s director said. “Our productions boast casts from New York city Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera and the Metropolitan Opera, to name a few,” Kohler said. “It’s always a sight to behold and a beautiful musical experience.”