Governor candidate Bullock visits MSU


Montana Attorney General and democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Bullock visited an American government class at MSU last Wednesday.

He spoke about his current position, saying, “The breadth and reach is so far for the attorney general.” When elected in 2009, Bullock spoke specifically about four goals; to reduce drunk driving, curb prescription drug abuse, protect Montana consumers and create and build the Children’s Justice Center. During his talk, he spoke briefly about his progress on these topics and said he hopes to continue working on them if elected governor.

When asked about SB 423, which would alter the current system for medical marijuana, Bullock said, “Whatever happens with the referendum, the legislature needs to be careful.” SB 423 repeals I-148, which allows limited use of marijuana under medical supervision by patients with debilitating medical conditions.

After being asked if he believes the courts have become too political, Bullock responded, “By and large, [the court] does its job.”

Bullock is running against republican Rick Hill. Hill served two terms in the United States House of Representatives and was replaced by Dennis Rehberg. Bullock is reported to be leading the race by a margin of 1 percent.