David Abrams brings writer’s wisdom to campus

David Abrams, author of the New York Times bestseller “Fobbit,” came to campus on Sept. 26 to present in the newly remodeled MSU Writing Center.

After reading pages from his book, which is based on his experiences in the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom, he received questions from attending students and faculty. Over 30 people listened to Abrams speak about what it means to be a good writer.

However, even good writers can have writer’s block, Abrams explained.

“I always got stuck. I would often just look at my screen until an idea came to mind,” Abrams said. “You can’t let that stop you from continuing; you just have to work through it. It’s a completely normal process every writer goes through.”

After receiving a degree in English from the University of Oregon, Abrams spent 20 years working for the Army’s Office of Public Affairs. He served in Iraq from 2005 to 2006, and after returning began working on “Fobbit.”

“I didn’t want to write another war memoir like everyone else was writing,” he explained. “I wanted something that was fiction but still spoke about the war.”

Abrams was the first author to speak in the “Writers on Writing” series being offered by the Writing Center. Director Kirk Branch wants to recruit more authors from all different genres to speak, and hopes the series will draw more students into the Writing Center to use its services.

Branch explained he doesn’t want just writing and literature majors using the center, but also students from majors like engineering and nursing. “I want to diversify the center,” he said.

There is no author set to speak next in the “Writers on Writing” series, though Branch hopes to bring someone in soon.

The MSU Writing Center is located on the first floor of Wilson Hall near the Math Learning Center, and is currently accepting applications for writing tutors.