Police Reports

Sept. 2 Bobcat Stadium
Suspicious Incident – A caller reported individuals attempting to steal a sign.

Sept. 3 S. 12th Street Parking Lot
Theft – An individual reported that their tow hitch and securing pin were missing.

Sept. 4 Swingle Health Center
Vandalism – It was reported that a bike rack was upside down and blocking a handicap access area.

Sept. 5 Kagy F Lot/Annie Street
Theft – An individual reported that fishing rods, a reel and other misc. fishing gear were stolen from their unlocked car.

Sept. 6 Miller Dining Hall
Suspicious Incident – An individual reported that as they were leaving work at the dining hall, a red laser dot was pointed on them; they did not know where it was coming from.

Sept. 8 Center of Campus
Animal Complaints – An individual reported a bear on campus.

Sept. 9 Hapner Hall
Suspicious Incident – It was reported that two RAs saw an individual attempting to crawl through an outside window of Hapner Hall.

Sept. 9 Westridge Drive
Noise Complaint – An individual called and reported loud music coming from Bobcat Stadium.