Exit Gallery Renovations Delayed

Renovations to the Exit Gallery planned during the Spring 2012 semester were delayed when the gallery was unable to find a bid within its price range.

Now, ASMSU is planning to wait until the winter season when less outdoor construction occurs ASMSU hopes this will mean lower bids for an indoor construction project like the Exit Gallery.

The gallery, located in the SUB next to the SRO coffee shop, is a student art gallery operated by ASMSU Arts and Exhibits. $42,000 has been raised for the renovations. The goal of the renovations is “to make the Exit Gallery a more professional space,” Hannah Safford, Director of ASMSU Arts and Exhibits, explained.

With the renovations, ASMSU is hoping to create a more industrial atmosphere. There are plans to replace the walls, add new lighting, raise the ceiling by removing the tiles and complete a general remodelling of the room itself.