Dean candidate visits MSU

Dr. Nicol Rae, one of three final candidates for the soon-to-be vacant Dean of the College of Letters & Science position, visited campus Monday. The outgoing dean is Paula Lutz.

Approximately 25 attendees listened as Rae, born and raised in Scotland by a farming family, outlined his strategy for the college. He explained that his strategy is based upon four themes — local, national and international challenges, current areas of research, developing new research areas and programs, and MSU student profiles and needs. Rae is currently the Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences at Florida International University and earned his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University.

Rae stated that he hopes to control the often “amorphous” format common to a college of letters & science by establishing a structured and mission oriented culture. He also hopes to emphasize building a strong college identity and nurturing faculty.

Another candidate, Dr. Laura Woodworth-Ney, was scheduled to speak on campus last Monday. However, her current institution, Idaho State University, made a retention offer. She accepted the offer and has withdrawn her candidacy.

The search committee, composed of 19 members, will complete final evaluations of each candidate and present its findings to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Martha Potvin before announcing the new dean.