Tester Visits MSU Students

With the Montana Senate seat race nearing its November finish, Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., visited MSU last Wednesday and spoke to students about issues ranging from the lack of bipartisanship in Congress to gun control laws.

Tester answered questions in a government class, and despite his Republican opponent Denny Rehberg’s marginal lead in polling, explained that his visit had nothing to do with the upcoming election. TownHall.com reports that Rehberg has a 2 percent margin over Tester.

Tester, who like his opponent, comes from a farming and ranching background, entered the classroom wearing a suit and a pair of brown cowboy boots. When a student asked about the bickering and lack of bipartisanship prevalent in Congress, he stated, “We need to look for opportunities to work together.”

When asked about gun control laws in reference to the recent shootings in Aurora, Colo. and Milwaukee, Wis., Tester replied, “You cannot keep crazy people from doing crazy things.” He referred to each event as “evil,” and said that he remains a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Tester also commented that “the Electoral College has outlived its usefulness.” He stated its original intent was to protect states’ rights, but now a popular vote would make for a better system.

The senator has made appearances in the past at MSU. In April, he visited campus with Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, when they spoke about the effect the upcoming election will have on women’s healthcare. Rehberg’s office has not responded to questions of whether he will be visiting campus or not.

Tester brought his visit to a close by encouraging students to “search for answers on [their] own.”