Play Review:

“The God of Carnage” was put on by the Actors Theatre of Montana, a small production company founded by our very own acting professor Cara Wilder.

The Equinox Theatre hosted the play, and I was skeptical at first because of the small size (around 50 seats). However, when the play began, the small amount of seating turned out to enhance the overall experience.

The entire play derives from a fight between two boys, but ends up becoming a fight between their parents. The parents of each boy get together and first try to get the details of the fight, and then try to resolve how the apology will be made. It becomes a play about the differences and similarities between the two couples. Both are middle class and seem well off, but one is polite and understanding and the other is rude.

The differences and similarities between the two keep was a roller coaster throughout the play. Sometimes the husbands become friends, sometimes the wives become friends and other both operate alone, fighting for what they believe.

The mish-mash of ideas was my biggest problem with the play. There was no overlying message. Characters mentioned the God of Carnage once. Interactions presented tidbits about morality, guilt, sexism and masculinity. One line echoed “Fight Club,” abhorring object ownership. I repeatedly wondered where the play would lead.

The actor’s humor held the audience’s attention best. Characters made many cliché jokes about marriage and how “kids destroy lives,” but the majority of the humor was hostile, blunt and often contained a perfectly placed curse or two (or three). Despite the confusing message, the play kept me laughing and entertained the entire way through.

For tickets, go online to “God of Carnage” will be showing this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Equinox Theatre. The shows are sold out, but it’s possible to simply show up get in. Due to popular demand, another show has been added on April 13, also at 8 p.m.