Express Fee Spending Concerns to ASMSU

As an Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) Senator, elected to represent College of Engineering students and the general campus, I take Matt Schwager’s concerns (“When Push Comes to Shove: Budgeting Showdown,” March 22) to heart. My objective is to represent the interests of MSU students on our wonderful campus and listen to criticisms, praises and suggestions.

Students may not realize that ASMSU hires a lobbyist — a student — to live in Helena for a semester during legislative sessions, advocating for affordable and accessible higher education in Montana. Students may not realize that ASMSU funds a daycare that makes it possible for students with children to afford childcare as they pursue degrees at MSU. Students may not realize that they directly pay for the weekly printing of this newspaper, a fair, balanced, ethical, accurate and objective publication.

ASMSU’s existence as an autonomous entity within MSU allows students to be the voice of positive change on this campus, independent of the MSU Administration. ASMSU also manages student activity fees, supporting the fitness center, streamline bus system, recycling program and registered student organizations. It is imperative to continue supporting these extracurricular activities that can complement classes — the college experience should be more than just “school.”

If you disagree with me, that is your right. I want to hear from you. I take responsibility for not working harder to educate you about ASMSU and for not actively seeking feedback from students. I want to answer your questions, I want to hear your suggestions and I want to make ASMSU a better organization for you. I want to foster a dialogue on this campus. Please allow ASMSU to be “the voice of the students” by telling us what you think. You may contact me at or ASMSU at


ASMSU Senator – College of Engineering