Chasing Winter in Gallatin Canyon

This past weekend Outdoor Rec hosted a snowshoe hike through Yellowstone National Park along the Fawn Pass trail. Outdoor Rec took a small group of students down south, looking for an appropriate snowshoe hike. In Yellowstone National Park, the group found what they were looking for.

Outdoor Rec originally meant to trek up Indian Ridge, but continued down through the Gallatin Canyon in search of more snow.

While signs of spring continue to spread through Bozeman, this was not the case at Fawn Pass. High winds, low temperatures and snow flurries greeted the group at the beginning of the trip as they ventured across the plain. Conditions were harsh and tested the will of the hikers, some of whom had never previously been in the snow. However, once the travelers reached the treeline, the winds subsided and temperatures rose, allowing hikers to enjoy the wonders of the wilderness.

One thing to never take for granted on these outings is the people with whom you adventure. MSU is continuing to grow, attracting students from all ends of the country and globe.

One can learn a lot about a person from hiking with them, and this outing was no different. Conversations led to a further understanding of fellow students, a learning opportunity often missed by many. Sharing a long conversation with an exchange student from Saudi Arabia, I learned more about my fellow man, the global community, a previously unknown and compelling culture and much besides.

Venturing into the wilderness with your fellow man leads to a learned experienced unmatched by any classroom on campus, a value incomparable to any tuition.

There is more to be gained than just a good workout from the Outdoor Rec outings. The next adventure is a float down the Madison River on Saturday, April 7. For more information, visit