You do you at MSU: A peek into campus clubs

With over 250 student organizations and clubs across a wide variety of interests, the Exponent staff has chosen a few to highlight. More information on all clubs at MSU can be found through the Office of Student Engagement or at


Are you terrified of public speaking or giving a presentation and picturing the audience in their underpants is not helping? Then MSU’s Toastmasters club may be just what you need. With chapters across the globe, they teach “public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs” which help their members build the confidence to succeed both personally and professionally. Contact them through their website at


Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

The Backcountry Hunters & Anglers are passionate about protecting our public lands and the natural resources they support. Their mission is “the conservation of public lands and wilderness, the protection of fish and wildlife that rely on clean water and wilderness, and the public’s access to public lands and the opportunities they provide”. Become a better hunter and angler, meet new people and help influence policy regarding public lands. Check out their website at


Big Sky Timber Sports

They’re lumberjacks and they’re okay. Work skills of the past become an exciting sporting event people compete in axe throwing, caber tossing and the iconic log rolling event. These lumberjacks and jills are not just hardcore athletes — they also have hearts the size of a redwood. Their mission is to “develop life skills together, carry on the timber sports legacy of sportsmanship and be an asset to the Bozeman community” through community service projects. Visit their website at



If you have a bit of inner adrenaline junkie in you, then rugby might just be your game. While they may be brutal on the field, rugby players demonstrate their softer side off the field through their commitment to community service. MSU has both men’s and women’s rugby teams. For more information check out their websites at and


Food Resource Council

Are you appalled at the amount of food that gets wasted on campus and would like to help eliminate the problem? The Food Resource Council works to eliminate waste and food insecurity. Their goal for the 2017-2018 academic year is to start the “Bounty of the Bridgers (BoB) campus food pantry and evaluate needs and usage” surrounding this problem. Check out their Facebook page at for more information.


Backcountry Squatters

Backcountry Squatters is a club run by some awesome ladies who provide the excitement while promoting female involvement in outdoor adventures. The club’s goal is to empower women to become more active in the outdoor community. “In the end, it’s all about girls getting outside with other girls,” said co-founder Andie Creel.


Quidditch Club

Flying broomsticks and golden snitches? If only they could be recreated outside the world of ‘Harry Potter.’ They can through the campus Quidditch Club. Now you can play this magical game in real life (albeit with the methods slightly altered for gravity). Founding member Emily Rodway believes fellow players love Quidditch because it’s a “combination of rugby, dodgeball and flag football.” Get involved now, because the club has high hopes to travel across the neighboring states to compete in tournaments against other teams.


Graphic Design Guild

The Graphic Design Guild at MSU is dedicated to educating club members, students and the Bozeman community on the importance of graphic design. They welcome all students of all majors; the only qualification is to have a passion for graphic design and a desire to expand their design knowledge.

For more information, visit send an email to


Smash Society

Smash Society provides a community for people interested in Super Smash Bros to improve their skills and meet others with similar interests and provide a regular opportunity for players to meet and play. The club organizes periodic competitive events to promote friendly competition and help members network with other players and events in Bozeman and across the state. Smash Society broadens player experiences and helps build a larger Smash community. Email for more information.


Sustainability Now (SNow)

SNow advocates for sustainability on the MSU campus and in the local community. As proponents of long winters and healthy ecosystems, they believe that MSU has a responsibility to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact. SNow provides opportunities for students to get involved in sustainable initiatives, educates students concerning current campus sustainability efforts and promotes the power of student voice to make real change in both scholastic and governmental administrations. Email


Rhapsody A Cappella

Rhapsody is a mixed a capella group that seeks to provide a unique musical experience to the student body and community alike. Rhapsody provides a free-of-charge concert every semester and partners with other community groups in Bozeman and around the state. The club also performs once a month in the SUB. For more information, email


Not In Our House

Unifying students to establish a culture of respect at Montana State University by raising awareness about equality, offering students tools on bystander intervention and creating a community where interpersonal violence is not tolerated. Not in OUR house. Email for more information.