Spring break in Bozeman: The best vacation you’ve ever had

Each year, a perpetual question floats around MSU leading up to the mid-semester vacation: “What are you doing for Spring Break?” For many students, the ski slopes of Canada or the sandstone climbing walls of Moab are calling their name. For others, spending time with family in their hometown will offer a welcome reprieve from the hectic and sometimes overwhelming obligations of college life.

During the mass exodus from Bozeman beginning this Friday (and possibly earlier), some students will not be going anywhere, rather, choosing to spend our week off in Bozeman. There are plenty of reasons to stay in Bozeman over spring break; maybe you caan’t afford to take a week off of your job (or your boss won’t let you), or perhaps you do not have a car to drive somewhere else. You may also be excited to “pay off” your Bridger pass by skiing every day, or just be happy to relax without the stresses of classes.

Regardless of why you are staying in Bozeman, there is no reason why your break cannot be just as exciting or eventful as someone who traveled. When classes start back up and the question becomes, “What did you do for Spring Break?” you can answer confidently that you stayed in Bozeman. Here, you will find some suggestions on activities to do in and around Bozeman during Spring Break that will make your friends who didn’t stay in town wish that they had.

Escape Room Montana

Located in Belgrade, Escape Room Montana tests participants’ problem solving abilities and teamwork skills to solve puzzles to escape their room.

The experience begins when the participants are placed in a room and given their first clue. Players must solve that clue to unlock or find other clues until they solve the entire puzzle and escape the room. A great activity to try with friends, Escape Room requires teams of two to eight.

Escape Room Montana offers three different experiences: Espionage Escape, Black Gold and Professor T.F. Babcock’s Mystery Machine.

Only open Friday through Sunday, Escape Room is a great way to either start off your spring break, or to finish with a bang. Escape room is located downstairs of the Mercantile Building and the intersection of Main and Broadway in Belgrade. The cost ranges from $20-$25 per person  depending on the experience.

Escape Room Montana

11 W Main St., Belgrade, 59714

Hours: Friday: 6-9 p.m.

         Saturday: 12-9 p.m.

         Sunday: 12-6 p.m.


American Computer and Robotics Museum

Although you’ve likely been to the Museum of the Rockies (and if you haven’t, spring break would be a great time to go), Bozeman also plays home to another world-class, albeit lesser known, museum: the American Computer and Robotics Museum. The best part: it’s free.

Edward O. Wilson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and world-renowned evolutionary biologist, described the American Computer and Robotics Museum as, “inch for inch, the best museum in the world.” The museum was also listed as one of the top 10 free museums in the U.S.

Visitors of the museum can see artifacts over 3,000 years old, real pieces of a space shuttle used during the Apollo missions, an Enigma Machine used in WWII, among many other incredible artifacts.

American Computer and Robotics Museum

2023 Stadium Dr. #1A, Bozeman

(406) 582-1288

Tuesday-Sunday, 12-4 p.m.



Located in Belgrade, Laserdash is a laser tag and arcade venue offering an exciting alternative to the monotony of class. However, at $8 per person for a 15-minute session and $15 per person for a 30-minute session, it may not be an activity that you can afford to do for a whole day.

If you can wrangle up a group of friends who are also staying in Bozeman, for $199, you can book a “party” for up to 10 people that includes two 15 minute sessions of laser tag, pizza and unlimited arcade access.


20900 Frontage Rd. C1, Belgrade

(406) 577-1005

Wednesday-Sunday, varying hours


Spend a Night in a Hotel

Just because you are staying in Bozeman, doesn’t mean you can’t act like you are on vacation. With some hotels in Bozeman offering rooms as low as $50 a night or less, renting a hotel room can be a relatively cheap means of “getting away.”

Grab a friend to split the cost, or take a night for yourself, either way, renting a hotel room can be a great way to relax, forgetting your obligations for a night. If you choose a hotel with a pool or hot tub, be sure to take a dip. Order room service or delivery, rent a new movie and enjoy the evening knowing that you don’t have to do any cleaning in the morning. Pro tip: make sure your hotel has free breakfast.

Check downtownbozeman.org for a listing of local stays.

Explore the Streamline Bus Service

If you do not have a car in Bozeman, don’t feel like you can’t explore. The Streamline not only offers free transportation around Bozeman, but also makes trips to Belgrade and Livingston daily. There are also multiple stops on and around campus. If you are traveling to Livingston, it is important to note that the Streamline leaves for Livingston very early in the morning and doesn’t return to Bozeman until the evening, so plan accordingly.

For more information on bus schedules and routes go to streamlinebus.com

Skype or Call a Loved One

Throughout the school year, studying for tests, writing papers, possibly working a job and all the other duties associated with being a student can limit the amount of time you have to keep in touch with loved ones from back home, or those who have left Bozeman. Whether it be your parents, an old high school friend, a significant other out of state or grandparents schedule a Skype call with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. They will be grateful you did, and it will cheer you up to reconnect.

Winter Farmers’ Market

A great way to finish the semester strong after spring break is to take care of your body by eating fresh, unprocessed foods. The Bozeman Winter Farmers’ Market will be open just one day during Spring Break, on March 18, at the Emerson Center. Here you can buy fresh produce from over 30 vendors. Goods include fresh greens, herbs, carrots and beets, eggs, cheeses, pasta and meats.

Along with fresh produce, you can find jams and preserves, grains, oils, local teas and soaps and salves. Stocking up on healthy, local produce the last weekend of spring break can relieve the stress of grocery shopping the first week back in classes and can help put you in a good mindset to attack the final weeks.

Bozeman Winter Farmers’ Market

Emerson Center Ballroom, 111 S. Grand Ave.

(406) 587-9797

Wednesday, March 18, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.