Enjoying the winter inside and out


Winter Running by Andrew Waters

Since it is the beginning of a new year, there is an emphasis on resolutions of getting in shape and working out. For runners, this means deciding to head outside in the freezing temperatures or go to the fitness center. If you are anything like me then you prefer to go outside rather than run endlessly around a small indoor track or treadmill. With the frigid, winter temperature make sure to layer up, and exercise caution when running on slippery ice.  

If you are determined to get in shape or train for a race, planning times to run is a great way to be accountable. Plan out each week in your calendar, mapping out when you will be at work, what classes you have, when you can get together with friends, workout time and, of course, time to run.

My favorite running route starts at the roundabout at South 11th Street and West College Avenue running towards the Brick. From there, take West Lincoln Street out to South 19th Avenue. Turning right on South 19th Avenue, continue up to West College Street back to where you take a right and continue down to where you started at the roundabout. This is a 2.5 mile loop that is perfect for a morning, mid-day or even night jog. The whole route is illuminated by streetlights, but it is always a good idea to wear reflective gear.

Get out there and kick your running resolution into high gear.

Snowshoeing by Julia Connelley

Bozeman plays host to outdoor lovers — both of winter and summer activities — and snowshoeing is a local favorite when it comes to winter activities. If skiing isn’t your go-to, or you’re looking for something different, snowshoeing is a great, cheaper alternative. Snowshoeing requires little to no instruction, as opposed to skiing or snowboarding where lessons are a must, so it is perfect for everyone — whether a novice to the activity or a long-time enthusiast.

Since most college students are on a budget, snowshoeing is a less expensive alternative to skiing. The ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Program located on West Lincoln Street near Roskie Hall offers $8 weekday and $12 weekend snowshoe rentals for students, or $9.60 weekday and $14.50 weekend rentals for non-students. If snowshoeing becomes a favorite activity, local outdoor stores like REI or Chalet Sports sell a multitude of snowshoes.

Triple Tree trail is an area favorite located just south of Bozeman on Sourdough Road. This trail is also great for mountain biking, hiking and trail running in the summer months. Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful destination for snowshoeing and a great chance to experience the park in the winter. Always stay on designated trails in the park to avoid any danger, either animal or natural.

Always dress appropriately for the weather — snow pants, a heavy jacket, gloves and a hat — and be sure to snowshoe with a partner.

XC Skiing by Dave Biegel

Tired of spending $50 on a day pass, only to spend half of your day standing in lines just to get on the lift? Cross-country skiing offers a cheaper alternative to its downhill counterpart. Many XC trails around Bozeman are free to use, and there’s no line, guaranteed — even on a powder day.

Whether just starting out, or an experienced nordic racer, Bozeman offers incredible XC skiing opportunities for individuals of all abilities. Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) grooms trails all around the area which are free to use: Bridger Creek Golf Course, Lindley Park & Highland Glen (Hospital Loop) and Sourdough Canyon. The Forest Service also grooms trails near the reservoir in Hyalite Canyon. At Bohart Ranch, for only $15 a day, skiers can find kilometers of world-class, freshly groomed trails used yearly for NCAA sanctioned XC ski races. While skate skiing requires wide, groomed trails, when using classic skis, not only are groomed trails available, but just about any trail used during the summer months can become a ski trail.

The ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Center rents classic-style XC ski packages for $12 per day, and $18 per weekend. Bohart Ranch also rents ski gear, including both skate and classic equipment. To support BSF and their grooming, trail passes can be purchased at bridgerskifoundation.org

Indoor by Elise Byle and Jason Campbell

Though the weather outside is frightful, a good Wi-Fi connection and endless streaming can be so delightful. Nothing is more winter-themed than a good old-fashioned, sequester-yourself-away-for-a-weekend Netflix binge. As any Netflixer worth their salt knows, the best way to enjoy the service is plunging full on into procrastination and self-indulgent TV shows. Prepare for the event by grabbing your favorite unhealthy snack and anything you can’t live without for the next 48 hours. Procure a warm, but not sweat-inducing, blanket. Practice the human burrito roll by wrapping yourself in the aforementioned blanket and begin binging on the show of your choice. As you become more adept at Netflixing, feel free to toss in your own twists. Try referring to the cast as intimate friends, feigning shock at how much you didn’t accomplish or acting really inconvenienced when your responsibilities call you away from your show.

If you want to take comfort in the accommodations of your room, one enjoyable and relaxing activity is simply reading a book. Find a book that can divert your attention from reality or teach you something new. One possible fiction writer to enjoy is Clive Cussler, who takes a variety of alternate looks on the past to create an exciting story in the present.

For those that tend towards more social activities, setting up a movie activity using the same streaming service of choice is as simple as gathering some people together and finding a screen large enough to accommodate those people. I would suggest coming up with some options ahead of time for people to choose from, to avoid lengthy delays due to indecision.

Another fun activity for groups is finding out who has a video game console with a decent amount of controllers and see which one of you can combine button reflexes with strategy to claim moral superiority over the others. Great social games include “Super Smash Bros.” and any of the “Halo” games. If you are a football fan, find a copy of “Madden” to avenge your favorite team’s latest playoff loss.

Of course the ultimate winter activity is to watch this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday Feb. 5, featuring the Patriots and the Falcons. If you are a fan of one of these teams it is your duty to cheer your team onto victory. If not, you are still ensured an enjoyable three hours due to the high-powered offenses that should be featured. There’s also the high production halftime show if that’s something you’re interested in.