Intramurals: MSU comes out to play

The other side of sports opportunities that MSU offers is intramural sports. This program is set up through the Recreational Sports and Fitness office, and provides students a chance to create a team or act as a free agent on teams for many different leagues. According to Jeff Hix, the Intramural Director, the fall leagues include flag football, co-ed soccer, men’s and women’s soccer and co-ed softball. In the spring, the sports are co-ed ultimate frisbee and men’s and women’s softball.

These leagues bring another outlet for students to participate in outside of the academic world. Hix comments on the organization of these through the website, saying “I have not made many changes to the structure and schedule that Intramural Sports have used for years, but it may be time to shake things up a little with the length of our seasons or possibly running leagues on Sunday afternoons.” The difference between intramurals and club sports is intramurals have set days and times for the leagues to compete.

Hix explains there is competition with students’ other responsibilities, “We compete with night classes and second jobs now and that is much different than it was even 10 years ago. I have to do what I can to create opportunities for our students to interact and socialize outside of the classroom,” Hix said. “It seems like people text each other from the same room these days, and intramural sports gets them in a different mindset.”

With that said, intramural sports are important to the university and provide organized and set times for students to compete and indulge in sports they love. The intramural organization is an excellent way for students to get out and have fun in their time here at MSU.