ASMSU’s $1.1M: Where does it all go?

Each year, every full-time student at MSU pays a fee to fund student programs. For the 2014 fiscal year, these fees add up to $1.1 million, which is distributed among student organizations.

ASMSU adheres to a zero-base budget policy, meaning they are strictly limited to the $1.1 million budget available from student fees. There are four steps in the budget distribution process. First, each organization requests a certain amount of funding for the fiscal year. Next, the president and vice president review these requests and modify them as they see fit. The Financial Board must approve the funding request. In the final step of the process, the Senate approves and finalizes the budget.

A sum of money is set aside to meet additional needs of student organizations as they arise. The senate manages the use of this money throughout the fiscal year. An additional requirement is that each senator is a liaison for at least two student organizations, which encourages senators to establish a presence on campus, especially within the college they represent.

This chart shows the ASMSU budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

Arts & Exhibits

This student program is responsible for operating the Exit Gallery, which displays MSU student artwork in the SUB. The Arts & Exhibits program provides exposure to the visual arts for all MSU students through organized events such as the study abroad photo show.

Campus Entertainment

Campus Entertainment organizes productions such as concerts and comedy acts for students, including comedians from the series Reno 911! and the next event “Do it Kappa,” a BBQ with live music on Oct. 2.


The elections committee holds two elections per year: one during the spring semester and one during the fall semester. Fall elections decide ASMSU senators, and spring elections decide the ASMSU president and vice president.


This program hosts activities for students during important times of the year, such as homecoming. It also coordinates service opportunities for students.


ASMSU coordinates a late night bus service with Streamline Bus, which extends the hours of operation until 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


The Procrastinator Theater, located in the SUB, shows movies for a low price and conveniently on campus.


Through this program, ASMSU provides sound and lighting for concerts and other events requiring technology and advanced sound systems.

Public Relations

Public Relations produces the weekly Bobcat Buzz, which advertises the events and services associated with ASMSU.


A portion of ASMSU’s budget is utilized to pay the salaries of employees and to fund daily operations.


This program provides child care for the children of MSU students, staff and faculty. They focus specifically on educational activities for children ages 2 ½ to 6.


As Bozeman’s alternative public radio station, KGLT can be found at 97.1 FM.

Leadership Institute

This program inspires student leadership across campus. They host trainings, discussions and speakers, notably, Convocation.


The Associated Student Legal Service is available for MSU students seeking legal advice or limited representation. There is a full-time attorney available to meet with students by appointment.

Outdoor Recreation

This program provides rental equipment for students and arranges a variety of outings. It also operates a bicycle and ski workshop.

Student Political Action

This is a group that lobbies for the interests of MSU students at the Montana Senate in Helena.

President’s discretionary

Money is set aside for the ASMSU President to organize events that benefit MSU students and promote Bobcat pride.

Senate discretionary

Each ASMSU Senator is allowed $50 to host an event within his or her college, a program established this year.


A sum of money is left available to be used for things that were not accounted for in the original budget. Student Programs can request funds as the need arises throughout the fiscal year.