Valentine’s Escapades

1. Make dinner and watch a movie together. Grocery shopping can be a fun way to spend some time with your significant other in an everyday setting, and you can split the bill. We suggest making spaghetti and watching Lady and the Tramp — we know you’ve always wanted to attempt the meatball scene.

2. Head to the MOR’s planetarium for a starlit make-out session. MSU students get a discount (only $9 each) and admission works for both the planetarium and the museum for two consecutive days. Right now the planetarium has two shows, including Stars of the Pyramids. What better way to evaluate your love than on the wisdom of the zodiac?

3. The weather is prime for moonlit adventures such as hiking or a picnic. Take a romp to the top of Peet’s Hill or the “M” with a basket for a spectacular view of Bozeman, or if you’re feeling charitable, head to BagelWorks after closing to snag their day old bagels and share your dinner with the ducks!

4. Looking for the “wow” factor? Book a tour date with Yellowstone Dog Adventures and tour the Chico Hot Springs area via dogsled. Tours range from two hours to an entire day, and you can take turns directing the dogs. A half day trip costs $150 per person, and we imagine your date will be drooling as much as the dogs.

5. Remember back in the day when flirting consisted of pushing someone off the jungle gym? It’s not too late to regress. Take a trip to the nearest elementary school (after hours, of course) and play lava monster tag — don’t touch the ground! After you’ve taken your turn on the swings and seesaw, warm up with coffee.

6. If you’re looking to pump up your adrenaline (studies have shown attraction level rises with adrenaline levels) head to Four Corners for go-kart racing. For $15 you each get 10 minutes of racing, and what better way to show your affection than to ram your significant other into a wall?

7. The Boiling River offers a romantic setting that can be enjoyed night or day. Get there early for a more secluded spot, or head out later and meet some fellow couples for future double-dating. It’s a great opportunity to get close over wine and cheese — just please make sure to put the wine in a plastic bottle. A trip to the hospital does NOT make for a successful holiday.

8. If you’re not down to spend a lot of cash this Valentine’s Day, plan a scavenger hunt around town. Provide clues leading to familar destinations — where you first met or had your first kiss — and leave something small at each one (like candy or adult toys), along with a clue for the next adventure. End at your house for dinner and time to enjoy all the treats your significant other has discovered along the way.