Volleyball sets record attendance

The MSU Athletic Department announced this week that at least five fans packed into Shroyer Gym during a volleyball game this past fall, marking a new record turnout for the program. The three parents of Montana players were able to free up their calendars for the game, despite busy schedules including dishwashing, ironing clothing, and important re-runs of “The Voice.”

One parent commented, “I was really glad I was able to make it down and be a part of history.” Perhaps even more amazingly, two of the fans in attendance weren’t related in any way to any of the players.

“It’s fantastic that we were able to get that many fans out to support the team,” Athletic Director Patty Pastures stated after painstakingly double-checking the attendance figures. “Those in attendance said the place was absolutely rocking, it was apparently a packed house,” Pastures said. He went on to say, “I couldn’t make it, I had, uh, something going on that night or something.”

Next fall the Cats will look to possibly even double the record as it was reported there were still a few open seats for eager students to grab.