A Tinder Love Story

Tinder has swept the nation from left to right. Hot people everywhere are finding their matches by swiping right the ones they like and swiping the not so attractive ones left. What seems like a shallow system of meeting people has actually has some very successful stories.

Kelsey Star and Jason Herrin were just two normal, single, attractive people. It wasn’t until they were within two miles of each other that they popped up on each other’s phones. Herrin was completely desperate saying he liked every girl he saw. Star took a little more time; she had boundaries. Each guy she liked had to share at least 30 likes/interests and have a minimum of two pictures one of which had to be a face shot. Herrin got lucky, for just earlier he had added a face shot to his Tinder account. When he popped up on Star’s phone she liked his pictures and glanced at their share likes/interests; they had 31 in common. She simply swiped right and “It’s a match” popped up. She was used to this and ignored it, she knew the guy on the other end would message her like they always did, so she kept on playing, thinking nothing of it.

Once Herrin saw, they were a match he immediately messaged her. After a few days of messaging, texting that they went on their first date. The attractive couple enjoyed each other’s company so much in less than a week they began dating. All of their friends refer to them as the perfect couple, after all they both find each other attractive and have shared interests. Today they are living in a beautiful apartment, Star is two months pregnant and they plan on getting married this summer.

Star and Herrins’s story may seem too good to be true. Many are skeptical, wondering if you can really develop a solid relationship on only physical appearance. However scholars and researchers have stated on this subject that the reason Tinder is so successful is because a relationship needs the elements of physical attraction and Tinder brings that up right away.

Tinder has also been looked at as shallow or a hookup app. The response to Tinder being a hookup app is simple: its fun and has a small element of class to it. Besides everyone is using it so there is no way it could be evil or bad.

Bozeman is a prime location to use Tinder. Although you will not have 20 new people pop up every hour on your account, you will have five or so new ones each day. On top of that, you’ll probably be lucky enough to get the rare opportunity of running into them somewhere on campus. You would not have this experience in a larger city. There is also a larger percentage of males on campus than females. This makes the game all the more exciting because each guy has to work extra hard and there is a chance that the five profiles that pop up will also be other guys.

If you don’t have a Tinder I highly recommend you get one. It’s full of excitement, disappointment and the chance of true love. Tinder is revolutionary; that being said if I pop up on your account, don’t forget to swipe right.