Things get wild at Red Bull’s Play and Destroy event

Late Saturday evening pedestrians in downtown Bozeman may have heard various artists such as The Backstreet Boys and Barney The Dinosaur blasting through Bar IX’s doors. No, you were not that drunk yet — it was Red Bull’s “Play and Destroy” Event. Up to 16 student competitors loaded their MP3 players with music to compete head-to-head across a variety of fun battlegories. The student that wins the crowd wins it all.

The event was sponsored by Red Bull, and the local headphone shop Headroom, who supplied a pair of Shure SRH440 Headphones to the winner of the competition. The second place prize was tickets to the Chamberlin Rail Jam.

Usually hosting this event in much bigger cities, March 22 was the first time that Red Bull has sponsored this event in a small town such as Bozeman. Red Bull spokesperson DJ Randy Boi stated, “We are so excited to have this competition in a smaller town. That excitement is also paired with a side of nausea and worry, we hear Bozeman loves to party and this event gets wild.”

The battlegories for the event included Best Song to Sing in the Shower, Best Workout Song, Best Song for Hooking up with your Ex, First Song You Ever Learned the Words to and Best Song to Pick Up Someone at the Bar, which fit oddly well considering.

The contenders of the night included names such as DJ Hopapoplous, DJ Dub, DJ Crod, DJ 4-eyes, DJ Snowbunny, DJ L.T., DJ Oman, DJ Maaasonn, DJ Teddy, DJ Camaden, DJ Kitty F-Yeah and DJ I Want To Go Home.

The losing DJ of each category was then thrown into a hungry crowd full of yelling, wild college students, spilled drinks, broken glass and passion for the event. When asked what brought him out, one local patron commented, “I am so drunk, I love Tequila!” Perhaps misunderstanding the question, another patron who his favorite DJ was only to hear him say, “I am my own favorite DJ!”

This hunger-games style DJ competition had the walls and bars of Bar IX rattling so loud the less-intense students were seen leaving rather early. One MSU student, Tanya Buttercup, stated, “This is wild. How can college students behave this way?” Buttercup stormed out the back door before the competition got any more wild.

Overall the event was an immense success, attracting a large number of students who made for an active crowd as well as lively, excited DJs. “Play and Destroy” hosts events all over the country in an effort to simultaneously promote its brand and provide a space for local DJs to showcase their skills.