Making room for the trees: Jabs Hall nearly completed, slated for destruction

DSC_0970In order to make room for a new on-campus forest, Jabs Hall will be demolished. Despite the building being near completion, University Council accepted a memorandum in March from Facilities Planning, Design & Construction to tear the building down.

In a rumored effort to appease the upset faculty of Wilson Hall who recently seceded from MSU, the university is working to embrace a freethinking style of education, bringing in forests filled with endemic plants, hemp chai lattes and adding ten new liberal studies programs.

“It’s an absolute affront to everything we stand for at Montana State,” ranted a business student who wishes to remain anonymous. “By allowing this to happen at this business — I mean university — we are going against everything the College of Business has taught us. Our values are clearly summarized in the mantra of the business department: build as fast and as much as you can.”

The Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship has organized a protest where faculty and students plan to chain themselves to the building the night before the slated destruction.

The forest will extend from the foot of Wilson Hall to Culbertson Hall with trees varying from mountain ash to coniferous pines. In order to replace the one hundred-year old coniferous pines that were chopped last year, the administration will increase the forest size by four times its recent size with the Chemistry and Biochemistry Building also slated for destruction. Business classes will be moved from Jabs Hall to varying parts of the forest to relieve the tensions between business and the environment.

In order to implement this project, a student fee of $201.17 will be added for the 2015-2016 academic year.