College of Arts and Architecture receives $50 donation, largest ever.

The College of Arts and Architecture (CAA) announced last Tuesday that they have secured a private gift of $50. The largest major gift in the history of the college, this gift will impact students and faculty in the CAA.

The donor who requested to remain anonymous is a former MSU Bobcat. At a press conference held on Tuesday March 25, CAA Dean Nanny Cornywell read a message from the donor: “I am very happy to be able to commit so much support to MSU. I grew up hoping to use my skills as an artist to make something of myself one day. Now that I have, I am delighted to give back. This donation will help realize the dreams of CAA students for generations to come.”

Half of the gift will specifically be designated to scholarships. CAA currently offers more than $12 in student scholarships, and with the addition of this donation, it will offer an unprecedented amount of $37. The other half of the donation is appointed to the creation of another CAA building.

While the name, location and building permit of a new facility are still unclear, Cornywell mentioned on Tuesday that, “With the addition of the largest donation ever to enter the CAA, half of it will go to creating a state-of-the-art studio which will house a total of five students.”

Cornywell went on to say that she hopes, “The art studio will increase our flexibility and ability to house more students within our college. This ultimately will increase our enrollment significantly.”

The art studio will be constructed by architecture students as part of a Save the Architects Coalition offered by the CAA. After completing the building, the students will be rewarded with real food and adequate beds. The location of these said beds is yet to be determined.