No-Shave November

According to, “The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.” The idea (at least for this website) is to take the money you would normally spend on razors and hair appointments, and contribute it to education on cancer prevention, saving lives and aiding those that are battling cancer.

Most of the unshaved attention goes to men, whose hair growth is the most noticeable, each seeming to compete with others on who can grow the most facial hair. No-Shave November also gives women a reason (did they need one?) to let their leg hair grow out.

One particular area of hair growth is not so easily embraced. Ads for bikinis, Victoria’s Secret catalogues and adult film stars seem to have us convinced that letting hair down there grow wild and free is a huge no-no. We seem to have convinced ourselves that it’s unnatural and unsightly. Now we are in a month dedicated to letting it go wild, so why not extend the unshaved territory to include all body hair? We can take this time to embrace and love the body hair that cancer patients can’t have.

As teenagers, many of us began to discover adult film, photos and magazines, as well as sexual attraction. Adult media was probably the first thing to make us question what hair should stay and what should go in order to fit in with the grown-up world and impress our partners. Adult film stars have convinced many that the hair down there definitely has to go. But there is a reason that adult film stars don’t have hair: camera angles. If naughty parts were not completely visible, adult media wouldn’t have much of a point (many older films provide hair coverage, but in those times it seems that we still wanted to leave a little mystery). These adult film stars shaved it all off so that they could show it all off.

Many people shave for multitudes of reasons but not shaving for a month can be beneficial as well. Some believe that pheromones in the hair can act as a kind of natural cologne or attractant for your mate. Avoiding razors and wax can save you from experiencing razor bumps, ingrown hairs and irritated skin.

No-Shave November: will you go all out, raise cancer awareness and embrace your body hair? Or will you let the air circulate and go bare? Either way, shaving any body hair is a personal choice. Never do something just because it’s popular; decide what’s right for you.