Sandwich Club: a bastion of friendship, or on the brink of mutiny?

In the basement of the Visual Communication Building, an innocent-looking group of students gathered. Each had brought with them an item for the creation of the ultimate lunch items: sandwiches. One person was toting bread; another had brought an assortment of meats. The newest member had brought exactly three tomatoes. Lying upon the table, one could also find cheese, lettuce, drinks and desserts — a perfect spread for a perfect lunch. It was an idyllic scene, a hidden paradise tucked away in a distant corner of campus. But not everything was as peaceful as it seemed.

A rogue film student — not a member of Sandwich Club — grabbed a slice of bread from the table and ran. Instantly, the group cried out in protest. Someone shouted, “hey, you can’t take the bread until you’re in the group chat!”

“It’s okay,” Seth Wyberg, Sandwich Club’s self-proclaimed founder and president, told the assembled group. Everyone instantly calmed. “He took an end piece. He’s actually doing us a favor.”

Sandwich Club was founded on Feb. 15, 2017 by Wyberg when he brought an entire loaf of bread, a package of deli meats and some cheese to campus with the intention of making a sandwich in the 20 minutes between classes. “And at first, it was all going to be for myself,” Wyberg said, “but then I saw three hungry boys looking down at my wonderful creation and I decided to offer them sandwiches as well. Then we said, hey, let’s do this again next week. But I forgot bread the next week, so we ate in the SUB.”

However, the following week, everything fell into place and two new members joined that very day. From then on, Sandwich Club became a weekly event and, in Wyberg’s eyes, it’s “the greatest creation to ever happen at Montana State University.”

Sandwich Club’s organizational structure is genuinely remarkable, with each member possessing their own title and responsibilities. Other members include vice president and master of meats, Michael Petty; Jason Bodily, Master of Gluten; Colter Peterson, Official Press; Lara Weiner, Tiny Orange Lady (so-called because she brings tiny oranges, not because she is tiny and orange); Tessa Kier, Drinks Specialist; Markie DeRudder, Director of Moon-based Operations (in anticipation of Sandwich Club’s upcoming expansion); Phil Meyer, Intern.

During the Wednesday, April 12 meeting, Wyberg took time out of scheduled events to offer praise to Condiment King, Jacob Robinson. “Honestly, Jake is the most important member of this group,” Wyberg said. “He literally brings condiments every week. Anyone can bring bread, anyone can bring meat, but Jacob Robinson brings the spice.”

Robinson graciously accepted the compliment. However, earlier in the day, he — along with Parliamentary Procedure Expert Connor MacKinney — was not as complimentary towards Wyberg’s leadership style.

“There’s no quality control. We just accept everybody,” Robinson said, distressed. “The quality of the people has lowered the quality of the sandwiches.”

“Seth keeps adding people without any sort of democratic voting process,” MacKinney added.

However, many members of Sandwich Club are happy with the open, welcoming atmosphere. Board Member Sierra Ellis, was the first female member of Sandwich Club, as well as the first non-bread eating member.

“I’m happy I could do this for all the women in my life,” Ellis said, wrapping slices of turkey and cheese in a giant lettuce leaf. “I do still get the occasional snide comment about my un-wich, but I deal with it.”

Some members are unsure how they wound up in Sandwich Club, but they don’t regret joining. “I’m not sure how I got here,” DeRudder, the newest member, said. “I was just walking along the Mall and then I woke up here.”

The group has also recently brought an intern into the fold. When asked what his duties entail, Phil Meyer, Intern, started out by saying, “Well, I categorize the sandwiches by —” before being interrupted by Wyberg, who said, “Phil, pass me the hot sauce.”

How does one get into Sandwich Club? It’s a bit exclusive, it turns out. “If you’re in Film, we’ll consider you,” Wyberg said. However, he was also very supportive of people starting Sandwich Clubs in their own building with students from their own major.

“I highly encourage it,” Wyberg said. “This is the best part of my week.”