New on Netflix: Three great films to end the year

Finals week is coming faster than most people expected because, like always, the semester has flown by. Now is the best time to get crack-a-lackin and get a head start on those pesky finals in order to show up your classmates by getting a stellar grade and ruining the grading curve for the rest of the class. Or, contrasting, you can put off studying for another two weeks and watch these phenomenal titles that Netflix is releasing later in the month because, let’s face it, you’re a master at cramming for important tests.


Long Nights Short Mornings (April 24th):


Released in early 2017, “Long Nights Short Mornings” follows James, a man living in New York City, and his various relationship troubles. From the get go, it’s apparent that James is sort of a casanova, jumping sporadically from girl to girl with woeful abandon. The movie follows the many different romantic blunders that James faces, and how he can’t seem to stay with a woman for very long, seemingly looking for that special something that he has yet to find. Not knowing what that something is, he continues to partake in various fleeting relationships with multitudes of different women that ultimately don’t work out as. While the plot of this movie isn’t anything that hasn’t been pursued in the industry before, “Long Nights Short Mornings” excels in its character progression and writing style. James is obviously an imperfect protagonist, but it’s hard to root against someone like him. As he progresses through the film, it’s easy to start to feel bad for the main character as he goes through a variety of failed relationships. The writing also embraces a more realistic tone rather than strictly scripted-sounding speech patterns, which ultimately makes the movie more relatable to the audience. In short “Long Nights Short Mornings” is a heartfelt film that makes for a perfect date night movie if you’re not looking to spend any money.


Queen of Katwe (April 25th):


Not every one of Disney’s movies is a box office success. They have their fair share of movies that, while of high quality, don’t have the booming successes experienced by many Disney films. Case in point: “Queen of Katwe.” This film follows Phiona, an African girl living in a struggling Uganda. One day, Phiona is introduced to the game of chess and it changes her life forever. From excelling at the sport on a village-wide level, to competing at international chess tournaments, Phiona becomes a country-wide celebrity. Although it saw exceedingly low box office reviews, “Queen of Katwe” is a movie that is difficult to dislike. With its inspirational story of overcoming the many obstacles life can throw at us, “Queen of Katwe” is a phenomenal, heart warming, family friendly movie experience that is unrivaled by most of the titles offered on Netflix.


Dear White People: Season 1 (April 28th):

Potentially the biggest release of the month, “Dear White People” is another Netflix original show that is looking to blow critics and fans away with its borderline satirical look at racial problems and stereotypes. Taking place primarily at a predominantly white Ivy League college, “Dear White People” follows a group of racially and ethnically diverse students as they try to navigate various forms of racism and discrimination. Although it delves into a very touchy subject — racism in a predominantly white environment — “Dear White People” approaches the subject in a comedic, satirical manner that appeals to those not only looking for a show that makes a statement, but also those looking for a show that simply makes them laugh. Premiering toward the end of the month, “Dear White People” is sure to be Netflix’s first major release of 2017, even if it is controversial. If it’s up to par with Netflix’s previous television releases, it’ll be a can’t miss show that is easily bingeable while you’re putting off studying for that looming disaster that is your Calculus final.