ASMSU brings Skizzy Mars to campus in first ever MSU sponsored music festival


ASMSU is hosting the star studded “Between the Lines” music festival on April 29. Headlined by Skizzy Mars, with Madds, 5 Star and Party Girl. The concert will take place on the SB lot next to South Hedges Hall, from 6:30 p.m. – 10:00. p.m. Along with the music, “Between the Lines” will also have various vendors and food options for students. Tickets are $10 for MSU Students, $20 for everyone else and is 18+ only.


Skizzy Mars, a rapper from Manhattan, New York, was chosen by both the student body via impromptu interviews around campus this year, and by ASMSU’s PACE board. The PACE board is responsible for deciding on campus entertainment and consists of the directors of campus entertainment, public relations, spirit and traditions and promotions. Skizzy Mars has partnered with other notable musicians, like G-Eazy and Jaymes Young.


Along with Skizzy Mars, EDM artists Madds, 5 Star and Party Girl, will be playing the festival. Madds, a DJ from Los Angeles, was a model before turning to EDM. 5 Star and Party Girl are a pair of local DJs, who were chosen to give representation to musicians in the Bozeman area as well as across the country.


ASMSU isn’t making any profit off this event either, which the PACE board states is the reason student tickets are so cheap. “Between the Lines” promises a fun time right before going into finals week, so that students can relieve the stress of dead week. Geoff Miller, director of campus entertainment, said that he “hopes [that “Between the Lines” is the] highest impact event of the year. [It is possibly] the largest impact that OSE has seen as of today.” OSE, or the Office of Student Engagement, is also responsible for Catapalooza, Homecoming and other campus favorites.


So why a music festival, as opposed to a concert? Zen Wohlers, the director of public relations, stated, “MSU is such a great university and it’s constantly growing. When you compare it to other universities, [it needs] to have bigger events that coincide with our growth.” And a music festival fit this bill. This would also be the first music festival hosted at MSU. The Brick Breeden is host to quite a few concerts around the year, but none like this.


And, if you happen to be worried about the weather, don’t be. Chelsey Wilson, the advisor for the PACE Board, said, “[ASMSU is] taking a risk because we’re hosting an outdoor event in April, this is a rain or shine event.” The event’s website states it’s best to dress warm as the event will be outside. So, bring a jacket, some good friends and make sure to check out “Between the Lines,” MSU’s first music festival. Find more info at