Passionate poets gather for local poetry recitation

It takes a lot of bravery to read poetry in front of a room full of strangers. Yet, on April 10, a group of about 25 people gathered to do just that at the Bozeman Public Library. The event, titled “Poetry Live!,” called for people of all ages to publicly perform any poems of their choice.

“Poetry Live!,” organized by the Bozeman Poetry Collective, provided a creative space for citizens of different backgrounds and ages ranging from college students to elderly residents. The poetry recited was just as diverse as the people performing it. There were poems by classic authors such as Robert Frost and Rudyard Kipling, lesser known works like “Jim” by Hilaire Belloc, as well as original poetry. There were even two poems written and recited in Russian.

Though it was not a large-scale event, the passion of the poets at “Poetry Live!” is what made the function special. It was not a simple recitation where orators stare blank-faced at a page on a podium, but an animated effort to convey the emotions of each poem.

It was clear that the participants were there because they each had a strong love for poetry and public recitation. After all of the members had finished, many more took another turn to perform an additional poem that they had prepared. When they ran out of these poems, they took to reading works out of poetry books found in the library.

“Poetry Live!” allowed a creative release for lovers of poetry in Bozeman. One participant stated that he likes to perform because the poems “would stay in his desk” if he didn’t recite them. This gathering created a zone in which poets and poetry appreciators could confer with one another.

The Bozeman Poetry Collective has a few other events planned for April, which is National Poetry Month. The next poetry event will be the “Diane Elliott & Friends Poetry Night” which will feature original poetry recitation from local artists. The event will be held on April 18, at 7:00 p.m. located at Country Bookshelf located at 28 W. Main St.