Club Profile: Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is present in every residence hall on campus. They are in charge of several events across campus. MSU is part of the Intermountain Affiliate sect of the National Association of College & University Residence Halls, along with schools from Arizona, Colorado, Las Vegas and more.


At the individual residence hall level, there’s a council made up of residents from each hall, who make decisions about hall improvements, events to be held, and how to make each living space as best as it possibly can be. Chase Shugart, a senator for RHA from the North Hedges/Headwaters Hall Council, said, “I joined RHA to better myself. You get to meet cool people that you might not meet otherwise.” Senators from every council meet once a week to discuss changes and decisions being made around campus that affect Residence Halls.


The liaison between each hall council, Resident Advisors, or “RAs,” and the resident director is the assistant resident director of each building. The assistant resident director acts as an advisor for each hall council, providing them guidance and knowledge about the rest of RHA as well as what can or cannot be done within the halls. Brenna Hale, the assistant resident director of North Hedges/Headwaters, said “being a part of Hall Council is rewarding because I get to see students excited and proud of events that they coordinated for their peers.” Hale also said that her favorite event is Pie Your RA, “because it gets a lot of students excited about being a part of North Hedges and Headwaters at the very beginning of the year.” Pie Your RA, traditionally held at the beginning of the first semester, encourages residents of each floor or building to smash a pie in the face of their RA.


Beyond individual hall councils, there is the RHA Executive Board, which acts as a guiding force and resource for hall councils across campus. Bailey Evenson, the executive board’s director of marketing, stated that “[Executive Board is] a group of student leaders who represent [and] make important decisions that affect campus.” Evenson’s favorite event that RHA puts on every year is Spookhouse, a haunted house that was held in Johnstone Hall’s basement this past October.


If you want to get involved with RHA, applications for Hall Council go out at the beginning of every semester. To join, you must live in the hall you want to represent. If you’re living on campus next year, and have ways you feel that the residence halls could be improved, getting involved with Hall Council is the best way to make them known. Look out for more events put on by your hall council or the Executive Board.