Wild Crumb Bakery Specializes in Artisan Bread and Pastries

Driving down North Wallace Street, you might not be able to pick out the Wild Crumb bakery against the backdrop of other industrial buildings. A European-style artisan bakery, Wild Crumb is located off the beaten path as far as local businesses go. Although there is much less foot traffic in this area, Wild Crumb does not fail to pull in huge amounts of customers. In reality, the delicious and decadent products of Wild Crumb cause Bozeman residents and tourists to flock to the bakery in droves.


I visited the bakery this past weekend after hearing many great reviews by word-of-mouth. Upon walking in, I was greeted by a friendly staff that wanted to know if they could help me with anything. I was also pleased by the large windows that cover most of the exterior walls and allow for plenty of natural light. Wild Crumb has a contradictory style that is both anachronistic in the industrial influences of the building while also maintaining a modern look.


The main focuses of Wild Crumb are the breads and desserts but their inventory is extremely diverse. Customers can enjoy variations of sourdough bread with gorgonzola walnut sourdough and sourdough rolls. Another signature bread on the Wild Crumb menu is the “trail loaf” which subtly combines sprouted kamut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins and honey in a whole-wheat bread.


As for pastries, the menu changes daily but includes classics such as cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies while also incorporating more obscure dishes such as panna cotta and cream horns. When I visited Wild Crumb this past weekend, I decided to try the lemon tart. I was immediately struck by the huge dollop of whipped cream on top of the tart and the orange garnishes that popped vibrantly next to the white cream. Upon closer inspection, I was also impressed by the uniformity and nearly-perfect roundness of the lemon tart within the base. Although the appearance of the dessert set high expectations for the quality of it, those expectations were met through the perfect fusion of tartness from the lemon and sweetness from the base.


In addition to bread and pastries, Wild Crumb also has drip coffee and tea to drink. The drawback to quality ingredients is an increase in price that is true for most of Wild Crumb’s products. Although the food is on the more expensive, the quality and atmosphere of Wild Crumb is more than worth the price.