Tips and tricks for making the best of this Valentine’s Day


               It is that time of year again. The season marked by complete uncertainty, awkward encounters and the very real possibility that you may forget that this holiday even exists until your significant other approaches you with a bouquet of roses. Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us and it is time to start thinking about what you may want to do for the special day. If you haven’t thought of any plans yet, don’t panic. This article will surely prove invaluable for you. The following Valentine’s Day tips have been tediously refined through years of intricate planning and romantic meditations. So, even if you have been scheming something for months now, you may want to throw your idea out in exchange for my advice that is guaranteed to provide a romantic experience for all parties involved.


  1.      Hit the dollar store, not the flower shop.

        In this modern age, buying real flowers has become a huge mistake for any would-be romantics. No matter how you look at it, real flowers will die within a few days of giving them to your significant other. This only sends the message that, just like the flowers, any feelings of attraction and compassion that you have for each other will probably die pretty soon. For this reason, any Valentine will be deeply offended by the gesture and will probably opt to end the relationship on the spot instead of dragging it out. A great alternative to this conundrum is to buy plastic flowers. Fake flowers relate the real feelings of love just as well as real flowers but the crucial difference is that fake flowers will never die. An easy way to get plastic flowers is to visit any dollar store and buy the cheapest bouquet you can find. Not only will your significant other be charmed by your undying commitment to the relationship, they will surely commend your frugal resourcefulness.

  1.      Perform an original song.

        One of the most romantic gestures that you could do for your partner is to write and perform a song. From this, you may be thinking about a softly-sung acoustic ballad that details your admiration and love for your better half. It is a good thing that you decided to read this article because this would be a crucial blunder. The acoustic love song has become clichéd to the point of losing all pleasure that it may provide for your significant other. If you went this route, they would think that you don’t really care about them enough to do something truly meaningful. It would be much wiser to find the most patrician genre of music that you can find and compose a song in that style. I suggest Tuvan Throat Singing or Witch House. If you’re feeling bold, you can try some Simpsons wave but that should be a last resort. If you are  not confident in your songwriting skills, a cover will do just fine but it should be chosen extremely carefully. “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65 and “All Star” by Smashmouth are stellar options for this route.

  1.      Tag along with a friend.

        This year, you may find yourself without someone to spend your Valentine’s Day and that is okay! If this is the case, you may be dreading Valentine’s Day, but there is no reason for you to sulk. There are many other happy couples that will have a wonderful holiday so why not just experience that with them? If they are true friends, they will have no objections whatsoever with you playing third wheel on whatever romantic endeavor they have planned. In reality, you are doing the couple a favor by gracing them with your presence as everybody knows that three is more than two and, therefore, better. The old adage of “the more the merrier” rings true every day, but is especially appropriate during Valentine’s Day. Whether it be dinner or a movie, you’ll be there to enhance the mood of the date with your companionship. With this plan, you’ll be able to properly enjoy the holiday while also doing a great favor for your friends.


        Before you read this article, you may have been scrambling for tips on how to navigate Valentine’s Day this year. It was extremely smart of you to read this article as you are now completely equipped to make the best possible Valentine’s Day experience for your partner. With this new information, your significant other will now see you as love-struck romantic that they always wanted for this very special holiday.


Written By: Rob Nelson