Pay half-attention to two things at once; crochet and binge-watch like a winner

People act like multitasking is just for important things, like work or school, but no: the best multitaskers incorporate multitasking into every part of their lives. And that includes free time. True relaxation cannot be achieved until one is relaxing in several different ways at once Most people have read a book while hanging out with friends, or watched a video of a cute cat while simultaneously watching a video of a cute sloth. Or lit a few candles to destress, but didn’t have time to make a nice dinner for yourself, so you just ate the candles, too. They smelled relaxing, and man, if they didn’t taste like relaxation, too.

There are some movies out there that can make one think, well, that was okay, but why didn’t I practice my ukulele while I was watching it? Just like there are some hobbies that feel like a waste of time unless there is another element of distraction at play — like, what would drinking even be without the 2016 election coverage to egg you on? Probably pretty pointless, right? Anyway, in the spirit of doing two things at once while only paying half-attention to either of them: here are a few movies and shows that are perfect to stream while crocheting some knitted goods for your loved ones.

“The Flash” (Seasons 1 2014 and 2 2015)

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Available on: Netflix

“The Flash” is a very lovable show set in the same universe as Supergirl and The Arrow. It has a talented stable of actors elevating some silly weekly storylines to surprising heights. Its season-long storylines are genuinely compelling; and despite some seriously melodramatic, soap-opera type moments, the show works better than it has any right to be. However, it’s not a show one needs to pay full attention to, by any means, even though one of “The Flash’s” main components is science. But it’s still entertaining enough that you’ll keep coming back (and you don’t need to know anything about the DC universe to enjoy it). Prepare to get weirdly invested in whether or not Barry (The Flash himself) can “get faster.” Perfect to watch while crocheting a large item.

You should crochet: A superhero mask or a mermaid tale blanket

“Begin Again” (2013)


Available on: Netflix

Arguably John Carney’s worst feature, but only because it’s sandwiched between his first musical gem, “Once,” and his hilarious, energetic 80s tribute, “Sing Street.” “Begin Again” isn’t bad—in fact, it’s above average—it’s just not as unique as his other two features. The story follows a down-on-his-luck music producer (Mark Ruffalo) who discovers a young musician (Keira Knightley) and convinces her to make an album. However, she’s hung up on her cheating rock star boyfriend (Adam Levine), so she’s a bit hesitant at first, but she comes around. There are a lot of good things about “Begin Again”: the all-star cast is truly stellar; there are some solid heartfelt moments; and the music (especially the final song) makes up for the weaker parts of the movie. Plus, it raises the question, is Adam Levin a terrible actor, or does he just have a terrible character? Also, get ready to find yourself screaming at your TV: “Don’t you DARE take back that hipster dweeb, Keira Knightley!” Until he sings the final song and your screaming magically turns into: “Take him BACK, Keira Knightley! He’s changed!”

You should crochet: a headband

“The Commitments” (1991)

Available on: Netflix

This is consistently ranked as one of the best Irish films of all time, and it totally deserves your full attention. But if the only way you’re going to watch it is if you’re accomplishing some other task at the same time, then fine—as long it’s on your radar. The story follows an ambitious young man who puts together a soul band consisting of working-class Dubliners and their struggles in their lives. This is a movie featuring some great music, an oddball cast of characters, and many hilarious moments. Definitely worth your time, and doubly-definitely worth half your time.

You should crochet: a hat for your mum