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Suicide Squad: Sideways Thumb

suicidesquad_photo-courtesy-of-comingsoon-net_When the first trailer for “Suicide Squad” was released at San Diego Comic Con, the excitement that coursed through my body was equal to that when I saw the first trailer for “The Avengers” movie. I thought it was going to be the best superhero movie to be produced by DC Comics, competing with “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” I was giddy when “Suicide Squad” finally got to theaters and refused to believe all of the negative criticisms that it received from critics. Ultimately, I should have listened to the critics and saved my money. While “Suicide Squad” is worth watching, it is underwhelming and should be rented for a single watch or seen at the procrastinator theater rather than being bought.

Where “Suicide Squad” shines is in its acting. All of the characters are believable and likable. The movie also has above average special effects, but that’s about where the positives of the movie end. My biggest gripe with the movie was the editing. It was obvious where the movie cuts out certain scenes that could potentially add to the plot. Because of this, the movie felt incomplete and ultimately left a lot to be desired. Another major downfall of this movie was the script. While the dialogue in this movie was passable, the plot structure of the movie had extreme pacing issues. This was partly due to the incomplete feel of the movie and partly due to the need for superhero movies to include origin stories for the heroes. While “Suicide Squad” did attempt this with its characters, there were too many heroes to make full-fledged origin stories for, and ultimately leaves you feeling underwhelmed to all of the characters. So all-in-all, even though “Suicide Squad” is entertaining, it left underwhelming and falls miles short of the hype that it generated before its release.

Sausage Party: Thumbs Down

sausageparty_photo-courtesy-of-bustle-comThe first “Sausage Party” trailer took the internet by storm, almost going viral overnight. People were widely entertained by the warped humor that the trailer provided and were intrigued by the new take on an animated movie. Unfortunately, the final product seemed repetitive, and a lot of the humor felt forced and inappropriate for the sake of being inappropriate.

The plot of “Sausage Party” follows food products who believe that they go to a better “promised land” when they are bought and taken out of a store. To their utter dismay, they are taken to a place where they are all brutally murdered. The different types of food must put together their differences and ultimately band together to fight against the humans who are destroying their lives. While this plot is original, the rest of the humor isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before. Many of the jokes are dirty and forced, as the main character is a hot dog, forcing all of the jokes about him to be about male genitalia. It was uncreative. However, the main source of “Sausage Party’s” jokes come from being blatantly racist, as all of the food is a different race. They are offensively stereotypical and jokes come cheaply at the expense of the races represented. There is also a really weird sex scene towards the end of the movie which just made me uncomfortable. Once I got past the “wow factor” of “Sausage Party,” I found it to be an uncreative, offensive waste of time and money.

Pete’s Dragon: Thumbs Up

I remember watching the original “Pete’s Dragon” when I was younger and loving it. However, when I watched it again in preparation for the new release, I realized just how awful it really was. The singing and music was shrill and hard on the ears, the acting was completely unbelievable, and I found myself thinking that browsing Twitter was more interesting than what was happening on screen. Luckily, the new rendition of “Pete’s Dragon” improves on the original.

“Pete’s Dragon” follows a young boy named Pete who has been lost in the woods since an accident in the same woods took the lives of his parents. Trying to survive in the woods, Pete finds a dragon named Elliot and over time, the two of them become best friends. Pete eventually gets rescued from the woods by a park ranger, who asks him how he survived. When he explains that a dragon helped him survive, people investigate and things start to go awry. I found this movie somewhat difficult to critique as it was a kids movie, which made it predictable and took a lot of the tension out of the movie. My weirdest gripe with the movie is the distinct lack of the actual dragon. For a movie called “Pete’s Dragon,” the dragon himself was actually in the movie very little. Other than that, the movie was great. The scenes involving the dragon were beautifully executed and were completely enchanting to watch. The “feel-goods” in this movie were also at a high level, which is always good to see in movies, especially since most of the movies I tend to watch are sad and make me cry. “Pete’s Dragon” has very few faults, and even though it isn’t a perfect movie, it greatly outperforms the original and it definitely worth the watch.