The “Jackbox Party Pack 3” is fun for friends of all ages

When the first “Jackbox Party Pack” video game bundle was released, the game took people by surprise as it produced countless hours of fun for a group of friends or a streamer with an audience. The variation of these video games provided to be a successful product for the company. Since then, they have released two more “party packs” with the most recent of these being released on Oct 18. This version consists of three new games and one “sequel” to the breakout hit “Quiplash”. Each game is played on the screen and has the players using their smartphones as controllers. As well as “Quiplash” and the usual trivia game, the “Jackbox Party Pack 3” contains the new games “Guesspionage”, “Tee-KO” and “Fakin’ It”.

“Quiplash” is a game where the player competes against their friends to create the funniest response for a given prompt. For example, one of the prompts I received was “Name something that would make for an unusual reserved parking space.” Both one other player and I had to think of something that we thought was a funny response to that prompt. Once everyone has responded to their given prompts, the remaining players get to vote on whose answer they believe is funnier. The funnier the answer, the more points the answer gets. The person with the most points at the end of three rounds is the winner. This follows the same formula as the first game and still remains a blast to play with a group of seven friends (that is the biggest size of the lobby).

The new game that stands out as the best is “Fakin’ It”. In this game, there are six players: five investigators and one faker. The goal of the game is to guess who the faker is through certain activities. For example, the game may give the five investigators the activity of “point to the person who has the smallest feet” and give the faker the activity of “just point at someone and try to fit in.” The game says “go” and everyone has to point at the person who has the smallest feet while simultaneously trying to find the one person who has no actual idea what they’re doing. If the faker goes uncaught, they get points and the game progresses into the next round with a new faker. The person with the most points at the end of three rounds is the winner. This game is perplexing at first, but once all of the players get a hang of what’s going on, it proves to be a challenge to see the faker try to blend in or put someone off their trail. It creates a tense but hilarious environment for everyone involved.

Even though “Quiplash” and Fakin’ It are brilliant fun, “Guesspionage” and Tee-KO fall short. In “Guesspionage”, the game gives one person a prompt such as “what percent of people have jumped out of an airplane” and the person has to guess a percentage. The rest of the players have to guess whether they think the actual percentage is higher or lower. Overall, this game is dull and unexciting with no real humor to be had between any of the rounds. In “Tee-KO”, each player draws three random drawings and up to five random slogans. The drawings and slogans dispersed amongst the rest of the players who have to design one of the pictures and one of the drawings into tee shirts. Then the shirts are pitted against one another, forcing the players to vote on which shirt they like more. The game works in a tournament style with the winning shirt proceeding to the next matchup until the winning player is dethroned. While this game does provide laughs, it requires a lot of creativity and artistic ability, often leaving multiple people with poor drawings or slogans, which takes a lot of the fun out of the game.

All-in-all, if it’s a dark, dreary day outside and you want to have a bunch of friends over to partake in some videogame insanity, “Quiplash” and Fakin’ It provide hours of fun for multiple audiences, as well as a little bit more fun that comes with the other three games. The “Jackbox Party Pack 3” is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for $24.99.