IRHA Spookhouse: A Guide to Getting Scared

Friday, Oct. 28 is the day of the annual Inter Hall Residence Hall Association Spookhouse event on campus. The event has taken place for five years, a staple of MSU Halloween. At one time, it was held in the basement of Hannon Hall. This year, though, it’s in the basement of Johnstone Center. The basement is sectioned off, and each portion given to a different residence hall on campus, with each hall having one goal: to scare the living daylights out of MSU students and Bozeman community members.

Hundreds of people gather together for the few, short hours the haunted house is open. To get in, a one dollar donation or a can of food is necessary. All donations and food go to the Gallatin County Food Bank. The hosts (usually Residence Hall Association members or Resident Advisors around campus) help guide people through the haunted house, providing a spooky narrative to go along with the tour.

This year, the haunted house’s hours are from  8-11 P.M. Come early, as the lines get longer and longer throughout the night, and come in costume. If being scared isn’t your thing, but you still want to support the food bank or enjoy a fun, Halloween event on campus, stand towards the front of the group, as the actors are told not to scare people in the front, or anyone in groups with small children. If you like being terrified, stand in the back, bring a group of your closest friends, and enough canned food to get you in the door. And, if you weren’t scared enough on the first go around, you’re free to go through as many times as you like. IRHA Spookhouse is only once a year, so don’t miss this integral experience.