The Taproom brings new atmosphere downtown

For those who love a good beer, Bozeman has a new downtown venue that offers an impressive variety of beers to choose from. Opened in mid-August, the Bozeman Taproom offers some of the best beer in town, while providing a great atmosphere for their customers.

Walking into the Taproom, the immersive atmosphere paired with the wide spread of people makes it apparent how much thought went into the building’s construction. The environment as a whole is open and welcoming, as the wood-polished tables add a sense of professionalism to the environment. Its wide open area provides a large amount of seating for the crowds that flock to the restaurant every night. One thing that sets the Taproom apart from the other restaurants in Bozeman is its awe-inspiring rooftop seating. There are tables and a couch on top of the building, which provides additional seating for those who want a view of downtown Bozeman while they enjoy their craft beers. It provides a unique feel and it stands out.

The Taproom provides a wide, varied selection of beer. Having over 50 beers on tap, they offer almost anything that is brewed in Montana, as well as many foreign and domestic beers. While this is impressive, the Taproom isn’t the place to go to get a “cheap beer.” They don’t have any cheap light beers on tap, with their variety consisting entirely of craft beers. This does raise the price of purchasing a beer there. The Montana beers usually cost around five dollars for a pint, with the imported beers costing as much as fourteen dollars for a pint of the Rodenbach Grand Cru, which is imported from Belgium. While it’s not the price-conscious decision for many college students, the Taproom is a great place to indulge in fine beers.

The one place where the Taproom seems to fall short is in their food selection. They offer a pretty narrow selection of bar-type food that ultimately isn’t anything remarkable. It consists of food such as bratwurst, sandwiches, hot dogs and appetizers. While the food isn’t disgusting by any stretch of the imagination, it doesn’t live up to the rest of the restaurant. What is particularly underwhelming are their hot dogs. While I expected a high-quality hot dog, I didn’t really get one. It was just a generic store-bought hot dog that I could have prepared at home for much cheaper. While I wouldn’t recommend the hot dogs at the Taproom, I would recommend many of the sandwiches they have to offer, as they are a good price for a large amount of food. They also have sriracha fries for an appetizer, which are amazing for sriracha fans.

The Taproom provides one of the best atmospheres in Bozeman and offers the widest selection of craft beers anywhere in town. While it’s not the place to go for a good meal, the Bozeman Taproom is a great spot for groups of friends who are sick of drinking PBR or Bud Light. I personally would recommend stopping by for a fantastic environment and delicious beer, if you want to indulge a bit.

The Bozeman Taproom is located at 321 E. Mendenhall St and is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.